5 stories out, and 25 stars to show for it!

August 29, 2018


Our world, our stars (literally), and heavens above! With our fifth story out, some great news just invaded our inbox: “Converted” (story no. 2) and “Graduated” (story no. 5) both got 5/5 stars from Readers' Favorite!


This makes 5/5 stars on 5/5 published stories, which scores 5/5 on the pleased n’ proud-scale. Here is some of what the guys over at Readers’ Favorite have to say:


Story #1 - FLUSHED: "I was unable to stop reading this absurd and awfully seductive tale of power, politics and poo. Most highly recommended."


Story #2 – CONVERTED: “I realized I had never read anything quite like Converted before. Talk about unique!"


Story #3 – WARPED: "It has to be the funniest, wackiest tale I have read in a long time."


Story #4 – FATED: "The ending shook me to the core, but I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed the tremendous writing talent behind this literary duo."


Story #5 – GRADUATED: "Dark humor that graces an even darker tale. Most highly recommended."


No better motivation or inspiration to keep on writing – so, watch out for Meantime story no. 6, coming soon! 


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See you in the Meantime!


Svingen & Pedersen

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