Say, can defamatory doodling and fifties’ jazz be the answer to your problems? Could be!

We are happy to announce that story no. 5, “Graduated”, is out! A satirical Tour de Farce, this tale has it all: mystery and shocking disclosures, awkward Shakespearean love, cunning plans and their come-uppances, sense and nonsensicality. And: Janissary band music!

What more could you want?!

With school about to begin, this story takes you right inside the dorm and the heartbreaking struggle to fit in, and not stand out.

Audrey Riddlerfinch has just started her freshman year at the Dictator’s College. Being admitted at this renowned institution has been a lifelong dream, but the awake manifestation smacks more of a nightmare. It’s not easy being the first and only girl student, and when corruption paved your way in … well... The halls are packed with embittered and aggressive adversaries – fellow students, teachers, the administration; they all despise her.

But there is the occasional seemingly benevolent soul hiding in the shadows; perhaps someone that will come to her aid? But who can she trust?

Will Audrey’s childhood dream of becoming a dictator come true? Can she endure four years of pestering and bullying?

Only one way to find out!

Readers' Favorite gave the story 5/5 stars, saying: "...dark humor that graces an even darker tale. Most highly recommended."

So, stop what you’re doing (though we appreciate you reading our blog) and rather check in at the Dictator’s College!

See you in the Meantime!

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