It’s a new Meantime Story dontcha-know! You betcha, fer sure!

Why this Minnesotan opening? Have we lost our marbles, spending too much time in the Meantime universe?

Well, some marbles have been lost (and a team of medical experts are looking for them, promise!), but the real reason is this: There’s a new tale in town—"Fated"—the fourth of hopefully numerous offspring in the Meantime Series.

This time we present a Minnesotan love story—yeah, you heard us—a hilarious and shocking one, that is. Somewhat dark, profound, and absurd, we admit. But you saw that coming, didn’t you, us being… us.

Readers' Favorite gave the story 5/5 stars, saying: Although a short story, “Fated” leaves me numb (yet euphoric), almost like I have just woken up after a long distance flight of immense proportions. The ending shook me to the core, but I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed the tremendous writing talent behind this literary duo.

With the risk of sounding cocky, that was… WOW! HOLY MACARONI, WE ARE EXCELLENT WRI … Sorry! … Sorry, hrmpf … that was… an unfortunate slip of the tongue … well, keyboard … and we have had time to edit. Anyway, back to being humble Norwegians.

Fated is available on Amazon.

See you in the Meantime!

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