The beast has been unleashed!

Could this be Draghan, the feared general in "Converted"? Absolutely!

The Meantime Stories are here! Our first three stories – Flushed, Converted and Warped – are now available on Amazon. And from all of us... two, to all of you: Flushed is FREE for the first five days! (2nd - 6th of March).

We offer you a box of literary chocolates, containing a wide range of hilarious flavors and fillings: Medieval troubles with faith, politics and obstinate toilets, pastry in space, high-paced action, life’s bigger questions, hopes, dreams, human folly, quirks, and foibles. All in all: Great entertainment and tons of laughs! And remember: Each story is a stand-alone, taking but 20-30 minutes to read! We don’t take over your life, we just spice up your Meantime😉

Here’s what some customers have said so far:

Flushed: "They had me laughing out loud and smiling at the conclusion."

Converted: "Douglas Adams meets Game of Thrones!"

Warped: "Yes, yes, yes! A must read!"

And not to worry – this is only the beginning: More stories are to come. Join our newsletter and receive a heads up on new releases and other cool stuff!

(To all our viking friends: The Norwegian versions will be out in a couple of weeks, we'll let you know!)

See you in the Meantime!

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